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7040A Studio Subwoofer


Compact in size but big in performance, the 7040A subwoofer will bring low-end accuracy to the tightest of production environments.

7050B Studio Subwoofer


A compact subwoofer with a mighty feature-set, the 7050B is ideal for multichannel audio and big ambitions.

8010A Studio Monitor


Work where you need to, how you want to. With the 8010A, Genelec’s renowned accuracy and reliability comes in a monitor so compact it was made for the road.

8020D Studio Monitor


When workspace is at a premium, don’t compromise on quality. With the 8020D, Genelec’s renowned accuracy and reliability will fit your project and your space.

8030C Studio Monitor


Combine power with precision to meet the most demanding requirements, all with Genelec’s renowned accuracy and reliability.

8040B Studio Monitor


Experience the true sound of your mix with the astonishing performance and versatility of the 8040B.

8050B Studio Monitor


Get serious in your studio with a headline performance from one of the world’s most desired active monitors, the Genelec 8050B.

M030 Studio Monitor


World-leading technology meets Genelec expertise in the M030, the environmentally sound, budget friendly monitor that exceeds all expectations.

M040 Studio Monitor


Mixing cutting edge sustainability with a best-in-class price point and world-leading technology – the Genelec M040 is a move beyond the ordinary.