About Us


Having commenced operations in 2015, Dinatha brings immense value through its employees who are qualified and have been in the business of broadcasting, telecommunication,audio visual, electrical system integration and solution providing for more than 15 years. Within a short period, the company has grown rapidly and has successfully completed several projects in Sri Lanka which certainly improved the quality and the standards of the Sri Lankan broadcasting industry.

With effect from December 2015, Dinatha has diversified its business by commencing product representation in Sri Lanka of some of the leading and well known international suppliers of the broadcast and telecommunication industry. The company will continue to grow in its field of expertise and also will look into diversifying into other related business fields in the years to come. Due to its directors expertise in the field of broadcasting and media they are well recognized by the industry in Sri Lanka.


DINATHA PVT LTD is a company providing Consulting solutions and services to the Broadcasting,audio visual and Telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka. We specialize on radio & television broadcast ,audio visual systems we are able to support and assist our Clients with consultations, solutions, system integration, project management and on site or field services. The company is structured to provide such professional services to the regional operators, equipment manufacturers or prime contractors.