Intellimix will simplify your daily work and stimulate your creativity. Get in touch with uncompromising usability.


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Intellimix. Enjoy a whole new mixing experience.

Intellimix will simplify your daily work and stimulate your creativity. Get in touch with uncompromising usability. Be it media, audio production or audio for video – you will discover amazing features and a set of well-thought out control elements like the revolutionary G-Touch© faders. Simpler and smarter – that’s our next generation Intellimix!

Intelligent mixing reinvented.

Already the preceding Intellimix model changed the way audio mixing is handled. The first generation Intellimix stands for creating the whole new product category of an easy to handle, compact mixer with strong capabilities. The new Intellimix Desktop Mixer lifts mixing to the next level.

Now available as 8-channel version.

Intellimix lets you integrate up to eight channels now. The latest Octopus Firmware Upgrade gets you control over another four inputs. All you need is one simple push on your Intellimix’s rotary control to switch between the sources 1-4 and 5-8.

Get your free Octopus upgrade.

The new Intellimix Octopus firmware is compatible with every 2nd generation aluminum Intellimix. Upgrade your Intellimix firmware to Octopus for free now. Don’t miss out! It is available online in the Intellimix download section.

The Desktop Mixer, you’ll love.

Intellimix is simply more fun. From the way it works to the way it looks, Intellimix is something that values your job. Fitted with our all new G-Touch© faders and built into an awesome and solid aluminum body, it offers uncompromising usability. And it fits on every desk.

Never miss what matters.



Intellimix simplifies it all. The entirely new design of Intellimix guarantees a very smooth operation. Intellimix is intuitive to lear and easy to use. Enjoy how intuitively you can control a wide selection of groundbreaking features with the comparable ease of using a smartphone. In so many ways small production tasks have never been easier. Usability is key.

The best of both worlds.



By combining a multi-touch widescreen display with physical control elements, we equip you with unique usability. For on/off functions with the need for tactile feedback for maximum reliability we get you sealed hardkeys and a robust rotary control. In addition, a multi-touch widescreen serves as an easy control interface with access to all properties. Get your settings and selections done more intuitively than with any other GUI. No confusion. No clutter.

More than just a display.



The Intellimix’s multi-touch widescreen offers quick access to all settings and properties. Select and control your parameters from this convenient area. Touch, swipe and write. Simple smartphone-like gestures secure easy operation. Assign sources to channel inputs and control all your settings – directly via touchscreen. You will get your selections done faster and more securely than with any other GUI.


With the ease of using a smartphone.

The dashboard is divided into four channel displays and a master display. If not selected otherwise, the master display is assigned to monitoring level control. Every channel display shows the selected source’s input signal level and four user selected parameters. Choose yourself which parameters you access most frequently and make them part of your Fab Four to get things done faster than ever.

G-Touch©. A true revolution in fading.



When you need to do a smooth fade, you wouldn’t necessarily dream of using a touchscreen as it gives very little physical orientation and needs all your attention. On the other hand, mechanical faders limit your flexibility and often suffer from wearout. That’s why we analyzed how to improve conventional faders with expanded features, increased comfort and better reliability. The result is called G-Touch©. The vision of a whole new instrument.


Completely familiar. Entirely revolutionary.

G-Touch© is so much more than just a next fader generation. You will not miss any of the goodies of your traditional fader, but with the all new design you will face plenty of benefits. Be amazed about all the smart options we could add to a mechanical fader.

Amazing response.

As soon as you’ve experienced G-Touch, you’ll never want to go back. You will not miss any of your traditional mechanical fader’s goodies, but with the new technology you’ll face plenty of benefits. Slide your fingers through the molded groove and celebrate the uncompromising improvement compared to anything you’ve seen before. Give it a try. You will love this new performance.

The “G” in G-Touch©.

“G” stands for “guided” and explains the way our pioneering new fader design makes your work safer and easier than ever. It guides your finger, combining touch sensitivity with additional haptic feedback. A well-shaped groove guides your finger. Feel the travel and the upper and lower endpoints of G-Touch©.No need to watch. When you touch the fader groove at any position, the level moves to your fingertip and tracks your finger.

New opportunities are opening up.

Explore various automations modes and make your choices. Choose offset-mode and just hit the groove at any point to pick up level control immediately without any leap. Or use auto fade: Smoothly swing your finger through the groove and arrive at zero or mute. The ramp-up/down option sets the level to zero or mute whenever you hold the upper or lower endpoint of the fader for three seconds. You can individually define the speed of this fade. Be prepared, there’s so much more.

Unrivaled connectivity that stands apart.

Intellimix is more than a good looking desktop mixer. As your multi-standard gateway, it will help you to integrate the various sources and destinations of your individual infrastructure. Get in line with any common multichannel platform. The Base Unit offers all the audio I/Os, extension slots, connectors and GPIOs you need.

Make Intellimix your new power tool.

With Intellimix you are plug ’n’ play ready to interface via AES/EBU, PUC-USB, MADI*, ADAT, Dante and Livewire*/AES67 (*available as option). This great range of interfaces guarantees you an uncompromising integration with your system setup. The Intellimix’s internal extension slot will allow to integrate with various additional AoIP standards in the future.

The Base Unit’s front panel. 

A Mic/Line input and a H/P output are conveniently placed on its front panel. In addition, the front panel contains basic status indicators: Power / Ready LEDs indicate that the device is connected to a power source and is booted properly. The AoIP indicates connected AoIP while the PUC LED signals a USB connection to your PC.

The Base Unit’s back panel.

The Base Unit’s back panel equips you with a bunch of in- and outputs. Analog I/Os allow for convenient connections to your local microphones, monitors and other equipment. The Mic 2 input can be configured as mic or line level. Two symmetric Line I/Os and two asymmetric Line I/Os serve as connectors for prosumer level devices such as field recorders.

GPI/Os assure flexibility for remote control over various functions. Use them for many convenient logic controls. The SYNC I/O assures a synchronization with other gear. E1/AoIP connects a PC when configuring Intellimix.

Everything you wish for.

You get 16-channel PUC USB I/O to make use of 8 stereo or 16 mono channels. AES3 interconnects a digital stereo source with a stereo destination. SPDIF/ADAT can be configured to SPDIF I/O or multichannel ADAT interface. As standard, E1/AoIP interconnects the DANTE 4×4 interface. Even connectors for optional opt connectors for MADI extension are to be found on the Base Unit.

Connections, connections…

The Intellimix’s Base Unit offers a lot. Additional extension modules can be connected by making use of the Base Unit’s four APC-Ports. While APC 1 interconnects wit the Control Unit’s PoE, APC 2-4 serve as PoE allow for various add-ons like SDI-Embedder/De-Embedder and other I/O extensions. Make Intellimix your perfect mate when it comes to work on audio for video.

One design for a world of applications.

As a versatile and handy desktop mixer, with its unique usability, huge feature set and broad connectivity, Intellimix meets the requirements for various fields of applications. The list is long.


Video Editing

As responsive and intuitive level controls, G-Touch© faders don’t need you to turn away from your monitor. In combination with Intellimix’s connectivity including ADAT and SDI, Intellimix perfectly supports the need to work on audio for video.

Broadcast Vehicles

With its small volume and footprint, its low weight and power consumption and its almost non existing thermal load, Intellimix fully complies with all the challenges of equipment used for OB. Even more: It’s the ideal fit.

Audio Production

The outstanding EQs and dynamics sections of Intellimix cover all you need, making it an outstanding mixer for ambitious audio productions. Whenever four (eight)* simultaneous channels are enough, Intellimix is in: Call-ins / radio shows / book recordings / podcasts /… The list is long.


In newsrooms time is of the essence. With its individual user profiles and setups Intellimix eases and fastens every journalist’s work. Determine the controls being most important for you and make them part of your personal profile. As your new well organized intuitive interface, Intellimix secures quick and reliable news production.

Intellimix. Relights your fire.



The Intellimix Desktop Mixer consists of two units. All the inputs and outputs are to be found on the Intellimix’s 19” Base Unit while the Control Unit is where the multitouch widescreen display and all the other operating elements are to be found. From the moment you first try Intellimix, you’ll notice in how many ways it will add value to your daily work and joy up your tasks. It all starts with a simple touch…